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Setup AlibabaCloud OSS on Windows VM

Setting up AlibabaCloud OSS on Windows VM (ECS) is our next tutorial where we will demonstrate how easy is to setup AlibabaCloud Object Storage Service on a Windows VM or Elastic Compute Service (ECS) how is the product called. AlibabaCloud may not be so popular outside China borders but we can say that is quite a major player on the cloud market, their offering is as good as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure but the only thing that makes AlibabaCloud appealing is the fact that currently is the only company that provides a full range of cloud […]

Category: AlibabaCloud | Published: 09/09/2019 | Updated: 24/09/2019

AWS S3 Read-Only IAM Policy for specific User

In this short tutorial called AWS S3 Read-Only IAM Policy for specific User or User Group we will be guiding you how to create and manage AWS IAM Policies for specific AWS S3 Buckets, these policies can be later applied to any IAM Users or IAM User Groups having just Read-Only permissions. AWS S3 is a great storage service but managed in conjunction with AWS IAM can become a very powerful tool giving us the freedom and the amazing ability to tweak all needed permissions in such a way to only allow specific users or user groups to only read […]

Category: AWS | Published: 23/07/2019 | Updated: 10/08/2019