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AWS S3 Read-Write IAM Policy for specific User

In this AWS S3 Read-Write IAM Policy tutorial we will talk about how to create and manage AWS IAM Policies for specific AWS S3 Buckets, policies that can be easily applied to any user or user group within IAM having Read and Write permissions only. We all know that AWS S3 is a really great storage service but used in conjunction with IAM this can become a very powerful tool giving us the freedom and the also the ability to fine tune all necessary permissions in such a way to only allow specific user or user group to only read […]

Category: AWS | Published: 09/08/2019 | Updated: 12/08/2019

NGiNX Traffic Split

NGiNX traffic split or traffic distribution can be very handy in various user cases, for example this can be used to improve security for our websites or web applications. In this particular tutorial we will show you how to make use of this great feature that comes with NGiNX by implementing a simple solution for traffic distribution in order to protect our backend web applications or maybe a websites by simply using two individual backend upstreams. Same traffic management principle using NGiNX, explained below, can be used for various other backend services and solutions within various stacks. Table of contents […]

Category: Security | Published: 03/07/2019 | Updated: 12/08/2019