Parsing JSON file with Go

In this tutorial we will learn about parsing JSON file with Go, nothing to worry about as we will try to keep this very simple, basic JSON parsing with Go we could say but we will provide enough information to familiarise yourself with Go structs, functions and a simple way of reading JSON files content. This example will contain two files, a JSON file called appinfo.json and a Golang file as well called main.go, file that will contain our application code. Many of you may find Golang confusing or maybe you are just starting now to code with Go which […]

Category: Golang | Published: 30/05/2019 | Updated: 19/07/2019

Go Date and Time Formatting

Golang Date and Time formatting can be achieved quite easy and can be very handy when for example we need to name a database, database table, table field or maybe even a file. It really doesn’t matter what you need it for but in this particular short tutorial we will explain how to format date and time using Golang, in the end you may combine these as you want in order to achieve the right format for your project. The code used in this tutorial has been tested with Go 1.12.2 but it should work just fine with any other […]

Category: Golang | Published: 07/04/2019 | Updated: 23/04/2019