We’ll get this page completed with our little story and the purpose of this website very soon.


We would like to say a big thank you to all these great teams, without them Tufora wouldn’t exist today, hats off to you all.



A brilliant platform that proved to be over the years very reliable and mature enough to dominate the blogging space.
We certainly can say that without WordPress the internet would definitely be a smaller place.



We all know that Twitter is a great platform but there is more, their open source projects like Bootstrap clearly reshaped the way we see the internet today.
From small to large size screens Bootstrap does an excellent job, is that magic behind that brings the UX to a completely new level.


Font Awesome

It is true that text is everything on a web page but sometimes having a visual expression of your text is way better and that is why Font Awesome is really awesome.
All these minor details in a web page make the difference, there is no doubt about it and FA has its own place in this space. We .