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Setup NFS Server and NFS Client on CentOS 7

In this tutorial we will learn how to set up NSF Server and NFS Client on CentOS 7 operating system, setting up or managing a NFS server or a NFS client is not quite a complex task at all, we’ll do our best to explain this entire process in the most simple possible way. We can use the set up from this tutorial for various small network sharing applications like setting up a backup server or maybe a simple file server etc., either way NFS package is always a good candidate to start with. Network File System (NFS) has been […]

Category: General | Published: 17/07/2018 | Updated: 26/08/2019

Create a Backup Server on Linux

How to create a backup server on Linux is just another quick and easy tutorial from that will guide you step by step to create in just a few minutes your own Linux backup server based on CentOS 7 operating system and also system storage manager (ssm) utility. Even if we are living in the age of Cloud technology with so many nice tools available out there like storage buckets, blob stores and many other trendy names some of us may still need to keep the data safe somewhere on premises. This could be due data sensitivity or maybe […]

Category: General | Published: 06/07/2018 | Updated: 05/11/2018

Upgrade Kofax Kapow Tutorial

We all know that the upgrade process for Kapow Kofax has never been easy or somehow straight forward, it requires a bit of extra work to be done in order to make it functional. We are sure that you haven’t landed on this page by mistake and you’re not here to complain about the software itself. We know that the whole upgrading process can be a bit frustrating, no clear documentation is provided by Kofax or maybe a simple shell script that can facilitate the upgrade process. No forums or tutorials about this software or at least a troubleshooting guide. […]

Category: General | Published: 26/06/2018 | Updated: 09/05/2019

How to create partitions larger than 2TB in Linux

It’s well known that is impossible to create partitions larger than 2TB in Linux using the default utility fdisk that comes with most of Linux distros, at least for now. In this short tutorial we’ll learn how to create larger than 2TB partitions using parted utility instead of fdisk on CentOS Linux. Assuming that we have to add three new disks to a new fictive server called mydbhost that will be used for a MySQL service for example, being master, slave, standalone it doesn’t matter, all that we care is the partitioning bit. Installing parted utility We can start our […]

Category: General | Published: 04/06/2018 | Updated: 05/11/2018