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Setup AlibabaCloud OSS on Windows VM

Setting up AlibabaCloud OSS on Windows VM (ECS) is our next tutorial where we will demonstrate how easy is to setup AlibabaCloud Object Storage Service on a Windows VM or Elastic Compute Service (ECS) how is the product called. AlibabaCloud may not be so popular outside China borders but we can say that is quite a major player on the cloud market, their offering is as good as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure but the only thing that makes AlibabaCloud appealing is the fact that currently is the only company that provides a full range of cloud […]

Category: AlibabaCloud | Published: 09/09/2019 | Updated: 24/09/2019

Generate SSH Key – Linux, Mac and Windows

In this quick tutorial, Generate SSH Key, we will learn more exactly how to generate a SSH Key in Linux or Mac using a terminal window and also in Windows using Putty. Before we start our little journey we should be clear about one thing, all SSH Keys consists of two parts, a Private Key and a Public Key. In this article we’ll generate both these keys and we’ll learn the importance but also the difference between these two. What is a Pivate Key As we said in our introduction a SSH Key contains a Private Key and a Public […]

Category: Security | Published: 09/02/2018 | Updated: 05/11/2018

List users from multiple AWS accounts using Python

List users from multiple AWS accounts using Python is our next tutorial where we will learn how to access AWS APIs using Boto3 package and also how to use pprint package to list all results in a easy to read format, we heard about the term human readable too but we think is not the right way of saying it, at least not in this particular case. Please rest assured that we won’t talk or debate in this tutorial about what Cloud Hosting provider is the best or not and we will simply resume talking about how to get all […]

Category: Python | Published: 13/11/2018 | Updated: 14/11/2018

Upgrade Kofax Kapow Tutorial

We all know that the upgrade process for Kapow Kofax has never been easy or somehow straight forward, it requires a bit of extra work to be done in order to make it functional. We are sure that you haven’t landed on this page by mistake and you’re not here to complain about the software itself. We know that the whole upgrading process can be a bit frustrating, no clear documentation is provided by Kofax or maybe a simple shell script that can facilitate the upgrade process. No forums or tutorials about this software or at least a troubleshooting guide. […]

Category: General | Published: 26/06/2018 | Updated: 09/05/2019

How to create user in Linux

In this example we will explain how to create user in Linux and how to protect this user by setting up a password for it, we will demonstrate how to create a user account and not a system account. For this particular example we’ll use CentOS 7 as our main operating system and all the above tasks will be performed using shell prompt. Connecting to our environment As we mentioned before will be using shell prompt in our example and we’ll have to initiate a SSH connection in order to connect to our CentOS 7 environment. We can use Putty […]

Category: General | Published: 08/02/2018 | Updated: 05/11/2018