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Install vips, vips-tools and vips-devel (libvips) on CentOS 7

In this tutorial we will talk about how to install vips, vips-tools and vips-devel (libvips) on CentOS 7. These packages can be required for various reasons like for example during installation of some NodeJS packages like GraphQL. Vips tools and development packages can be easily obtained and installed from Remi repo, unfortunately by default these packages are not present on CentOS repos. So let’s start our short step by step tutorial tutorial about installing Vips on CentOS 7. Table of contents Install Epel repo Install yum-utils Install and enable Remi repo Install vips (libvips) Install Epel repo On our very […]

Category: General | Published: 06/04/2019 | Updated: 23/04/2019