Go Date and Time Formatting

Golang Date and Time formatting can be achieved quite easy and can be very handy when for example we need to name a database, database table, table field or maybe even a file. It really doesn’t matter what you need it for but in this particular short tutorial we will explain how to format date and time using Golang, in the end you may combine these as you want in order to achieve the right format for your project. The code used in this tutorial has been tested with Go 1.12.2 but it should work just fine with any other […]

Category: Golang | Published: 07/04/2019 | Updated: 23/04/2019

NGiNX SSL Setup and 301 Redirects

NGiNX SSL setup and 301 redirects, this is how is called our next tutorial where we will explain in just a few easy steps how to setup a SSL certificate on NGiNX and also how to force client browser to use HTTPS by managing all necessary 301 redirects served from HTTP protocol on port 80 to HTTPS protocol on port 443. The journey from a non-secured domain to a secured one is quite easy to implement with NGiNX and also very easy to maintain and renew in the future. This solution was tested using a CentOS 7 server but it […]

Category: General | Published: 06/04/2019 | Updated: 02/06/2019

Install vips, vips-tools and vips-devel (libvips) on CentOS 7

In this tutorial we will talk about how to install vips, vips-tools and vips-devel (libvips) on CentOS 7. These packages can be required for various reasons like for example during installation of some NodeJS packages like GraphQL. Vips tools and development packages can be easily obtained and installed from Remi repo, unfortunately by default these packages are not present on CentOS repos. So let’s start our short step by step tutorial tutorial about installing Vips on CentOS 7. Table of contents Install Epel repo Install yum-utils Install and enable Remi repo Install vips (libvips) Install Epel repo On our very […]

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Resize RAID 0 array by adding new disks

In this tutorial called Resize RAID 0 Array by Adding New Disks we will learn how to extend an existing RAID 0 Array in just a few easy steps via CLI. Before starting to resize your RAID 0 array please do take a backup of your data, this is very important as the resize action can lead to data loss. It’s well known that RAID 0 architecture by definition is very fast but in the same time it is not the safest, at any time one of the disks can fail and the entire array could be lost. It is […]

Category: General | Published: 10/01/2019 | Updated: 23/04/2019

Terminal Keyboard Shortcuts

Terminal keyboard shortcuts are very handy, no doubt about this, can save you a lot of time especially when your job is based on using on a daily basis the terminal window, being on your workstation or other remote terminals that you are interacting with. Mastering these terminal keys will clearly give you a huge advantage, as we said previously in terms of time and also productivity, on the same note we can also say that is a must to learn and use these shortcuts. Terminal Keyboard Cheatsheet Lets open now a terminal window and test all below keyboard shortcuts […]

Category: General | Published: 13/12/2018 | Updated: 16/12/2018

Send email with Python and smtplib

Send email with Python and smtplib package is just another quick tutorial from Tufora where we will show you in just a few steps how easy is to use Python for sending emails from your applications. This solution uses no more than five lines of code and can be easily implemented within your Python application anytime being defined as a Python module using import statement or simply directly to your main application code. The code below has been tested using Python 3.7 but it can be easily adapted and used on older or newer versions as long the smtplib module […]

Category: Python | Published: 14/11/2018 | Updated: 22/07/2019